International Conference on
Military Communications and Information Systems
ICMCIS (former MCC)

Brussels, Belgium, 23rd - 24th May 2016

Workshop on "Tactical domain SOA"

Brussels, Belgium, 24th May 2016

During the ICMCIS 2016 conference, a workshop on "Tactical domain SOA" will be organized. The workshop is arranged by the NATO STO/IST-118 group on "SOA recommendations for disadvantaged grids in the tactical domain", and is the second International Workshop on Service-Oriented Computing in Disconnected, Intermittent and Limited Networks.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) has emerged in recent years as a promising approach to facilitating the interoperability of various, generally heterogeneous networking systems. After successful deployment in the Internet and broadband networks, the latest trend is to introduce SOA into Disconnected, Intermittent and Limited (DIL) wireless/mobile networking environments, which are typical for battlefield networks and other resource- constrained or disadvantaged networks. Typical DIL environments are characterized by low bandwidth, variable throughput, unreliable connectivity and energy constraints imposed by the wireless communication that links the nodes. Not only do the limited resources in such networks constrain the potential types of services, but also the need for services is often location specific and mission critical.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Frank T. Johnsen, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), Norway
Trude H. Bloebaum, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), Norway
Dr. Joanna Sliwa, Military Communication Institute (MCI), Poland

Paper submission

Workshop "Tactical domain SOA" Call for papers

All submitted papers will be evaluated based on their originality, significance, technical soundness and clarity of expression. Selected papers must adequately describe their relationship with existing work, address one or more of the central topics, and preferably be forward-looking and give implications for future research.

The manuscript should be in English, not be longer than 8 pages, and compliant with the general standards of the IEEE. All the submitted papers will be submitted to IEEE for inclusion in IEEE Xplore. Submissions and registration are handled by ICMCIS according to their requirements, which are available on the author guidelines & paper submission page.